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Performance Resume

Performance Resume: CV

February 2019 - April 2019

We Were Everywhere | Rose/Headscarf

We Were Everywhere was a devised piece directed by Shariffa Ali, composed by Avi Amon, and written by Joanna Evans. This work of experimental musical theater sought to uncover stories of production, exploitation, and consumption using the life cycle of our clothing. The cast engaged in numerous improvisational exercises and research in order to craft the content of this piece. The Rose/Headscarf character was meant to use sharecropping and cotton to mark racism as a powerful force in our consumptive history and how the Black folks engaged in meaning-making practices in spite of this.

November 2018 - March 2019

A Spectrum Unspoken | Choreographer & Devisor

This piece was created as my Musical Theater thesis with a cast full of collaborators and good friends as the director and writer. It was a devised work that used poetry and movement to highlight the experiences of Black women on Princeton’s campus. The content was created by compiling creative writing and movement exercises created by the cast in a workshopping process held in the Fall. As the choreographer for the piece, much of the movement was rooted in childhood games such as tag, tug of war, or red light green light as a means to highlight the ways joy and disposability intermingle within the embodied experiences of Black women. Having a cast that included multiple races and genders in addition to Black women allowed us to physically explore and witness the differences in our experiences while simultaneously building empathy for and supporting each other through the pain from these differences.

September 2015 - May 2019

Bodyhype Dance Company | Assistant Artistic Director & Choreographer

As Princeton's premier co-ed dance company, BodyHype is home to Princeton's most talented, dynamic and creative dancers and individuals. As Assistant Artistic Director for one year, I assisted the Artistic Director in all decisions pertaining to the artistic choices of the company including casting, auditions, piece proposals, and choreography. I also helped to schedule rehearsals for dancers in the company and to execute and strategize attractive publicity campaigns. As a choreographer, I focused on hip-hop and my pieces primarily focused on Black social experiences. I also brought a heels/femme style of dance to the company that has been used in every show since.

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